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Foundations with Ken Ham

Foundations with Ken Ham

Starting June 11:

This 12-week dvd course features Ken Ham, the world’s foremost advocate for Creation. Discover how to defend your faith with confidence from the very first verse in Genesis.

Topics include

  • “The Relevance of Genesis,”
  • “In Six Days,”
  • “One Blood, One Race,”
  • “Death the Enemy.”

Discussion time will follow each session. Sessions are free and open to the public.

Sundays at 6pm from June 11 – September 3 in the Coyote Trail Cafeteria.

View excerpts of the sessions here.

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Martial Arts Club

Martial Arts Club

 Saturdays 8:30-10:30am

*Drop-in Sessions are only $5 per class

*Meets at the Coyote Trail Elementary School Cafe (Get Directions)

*Each session will include a brief Bible/character lesson

*Enrollment at the Door (Print Registration Form now)

Instructor Introduction:

Thank you for taking an interest in our martial arts program. Allow me to introduce myself and the program.


My name is Salvador Magallanes (Sifu Magallanes). I am a Kung Fu practitioner and a 4th grade teacher for the Marana School District. I have been practicing martial arts for over 20 years. I am a certified black belt in Chaun Shu (Art of the fist). Chaun Shu consists of Kenpo, Tai Chi, Northern Silum, and San Soo.


This program is offered to children ages 6 and up on a drop-in basis at $5 per session.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch (no additional fee) or to join in on the fun if they wish to do so. This program will challenge your child physically and mentally. Your child will learn the art of self-defense, sparring, weapons, and katas (forms). All of these disciplines will be taught under the umbrella of responsibility, respect, and safety. In our effort to develop the whole child, a weekly lesson on character and discipline drawing upon the wisdom of the Bible will be taught. All students are expected to arrive on time and to be picked up on time unless special arrangements have been made with the instructor. (Additional fees will apply.)

Belt Promotion:

There are no GIs required to join the program. However, if your child wants to move up in belt order, a GI is required. GIs will be available for purchase, as will any other items related to a belt promotion (i.e. belts and/or certificates). If your child already has a GI, then he/she will not need to purchase a new one. If your child has any equipment from a previous dojo he/she may use it. If your child is attending another dojo, he/she is still welcome to join this one.

Thank you and feel free to contact me, if you have further questions.

Sal Magallanes                           

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Sides of Kindness

Sides of Kindness

Kindness is that generous disposition which seeks the wellbeing of others. Yet if the disposition of kindness is to come into full bloom, someone must receive the kindness that is offered.

In the OT account of King David, two chapters highlight David’s kindness and how it was received (2 Samuel 9-10). In the first, David showed kindness to Mephibosheth, the son of David’s friend Jonathan, who was lame in both his feet. David welcomed Mephibosheth to live in his palace, to eat at his table, and to enjoy a royal pension the rest of his days. In stark contrast was Hanun, the new crown prince of Ammon. David sent a delegation to show kindness (10:2), but under bad counsel, Hanun rejected the kindness and humiliated David’s men (10:4-5). Same king, same kindness, two different responses.

The same things happens today. God “[shows to us] the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus” (Eph. 2:7). Some warmly accept God’s offer to enter His family, to eat at his table, and to enjoy pleasures at his right hand forevermore (Ps. 16:11). These are the children of God through faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, there are those who stiff-arm God. Like Hanun, they remain skeptical, even critical of any kindness from God. They fight the very One who wants to show them kindness. They criticize God or even deny His existence. They write books like Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion and/or spew unbelief in college classrooms “to overthrow the faith of some” (2 Tim. 2:18). Same God, same kindness, dramatically different results.

This is no small matter, for what one does with the kindness of God determines the destinies of men. On which side of God’s kindness are you?

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Daydreaming for Glory

Daydreaming for Glory

Daydreaming . . . we’ve all been there. Like the steady hum of a fan, the teacher drones on in monotone, inviting you to forget the lecture and think of another place, another person, another world. Who can blame you?

But I’m not sitting in a classroom any more. I am living life at a fast pace, and it does not leave me much time to daydream. Like you, I feel the daily pressures of getting things done: get the kids up, get them ready for school, get to work, make progress on my to-do list, be home for dinner with the kids, get the bills paid, and visit the in-laws, etc. And then when you feel as if your life couldn’t take one more thing, in comes something you hadn’t planned on: someone you know dies, someone hurts your kid, some pain takes up residence in your body, or some pressure starts straining your marriage. And you may feel like closing your book and walking out of class and telling God, “I’m through . . .”

But in the classroom of life God invites you to do something no earthly teacher ever would. He gives you permission to daydream.

KJV Romans 8:18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

Stability in suffering comes from staring at glory. Soon you and I will be standing in the very presence of God where there are pleasures forevermore (Ps. 16:11). And He gives us permission to think about it today. In fact, if you do not daydream a little, your engine is liable to seize up.

Take a moment to daydream about the glory that awaits you. It is just the refreshment your weary soul needs! PMG

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Christians R the Refs

Christians R the Refs

“I heard a great analogy just this morning that politics is much like a football game. The two teams are the two parties, and usually, they are trying to tackle each other to the ground!  The church is much like the third group of individuals on the field of play; we’re the ones wearing the stripes, the referees.  As Christians we’re not forever beholden to any political party, no matter what our “party identification” card may say. Like football refs, we are bound to the Rulebook and our role is to consistently remind the two teams of the rules of play. As Christ-followers, we are called to stand on the authority of God’s Word and to vote in accordance with what God has already said! This means we vote for the candidate (no matter the party) whose views and policies are most in keeping with the Bible. This means when clear biblical issues are on the ballot (like the protection of human life at all stages (Ps.139; Jer. 1:5; Gen 9:5-7; Lev 19:32) and the preservation of marriage and family (Gen 2:20-24; Matt. 19; Rom 1) we vote for what God has said even if it’s increasingly unpopular in our society.”  Scott Wilson

For the full article: “Does the Bible Say Anything About Our Vote?”


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Momma Wears Combat Boots

Momma Wears Combat Boots

Molly was a true American patriot. During the Revolutionary War she had followed her husband’s company as they engaged the Redcoats. At the Battle of Monmouth, she could see the heat was taking a bigger toll on the Continental Army than the canon fire. Rolling up her skirt and grabbing her pitcher, she descended onto the battlefield to bring drinks to the heat-stricken men. When her husband fell behind his canon, not to injury but to heatstroke, she bravely manned his canon throughout the afternoon. Eventually, the sun began to fade and the British withdrew in defeat. General Washington seeing “Molly Pitcher” from a distant made her a Sergeant. Molly, less lady-like perhaps, did the dirty work that had to be done on the battlefield.

There have been women like her down through the pages of history.

The greatest history book of all time, the Bible, tells its own stories of female heroism. Two women were responsible for a great victory in Israel’s history. During the days of the judges, Israel had no king and no standing army. Her enemies exploited this and often oppressed her for years at a time. Deborah, a prophetess, received a word from the Lord, that He would give victory over the Canaanite oppressors. She just needed to find someone to assemble and lead an army. She asked Barak. He agreed somewhat reluctantly: “If thou wilt go with me, then I will go.” (Judges 4:8). Deborah agreed, but warned that he would forfeit the honor: “the Lord would sell Sisera into the hands of a woman” (4:9). Barak and his ten thousand troops went with Deborah to engage the enemy. They did prevail over a much better equipped army, just as the Lord said, but the honor went to a woman brave enough to lead an army into battle.

But that isn’t the end of the story. Sisera, the commander of the Canaanite army, managed to escape the battlefield and headed north to safety. Weary from the battle and from the foot flight he was making, Sisera eyed the tent of an ally and turned in for a rest. Jael gladly welcomed Sisera, gave him milk, and a quiet place to rest. Unsuspectingly, he lay down. When sleep overtook him, Jael took one of her husband’s tent pegs and drove it through his temple (4:21). Thanks to Jael, not one man managed to escape. Two women did the dirty work that won the victory.

The Bible does not discriminate against women or suggest their enslavement. In fact, belief in the Bible has engendered greater respect for women than they have known throughout history. Where the Bible is not respected in the world, typically women are not either. And when the Bible speaks on women, it reminds us that men and women were made in the image of God (Gen. 1:27); that women have just as much claim on the kingdom as any man (Gal. 3:28, 1 Peter 3:7); that women have equal access to God in prayer (1 Tim. 5:5); and that they have gifts essential to the health of the body, we call the church (1 Cor. 12:12).

It is doubtful that we would have a country if it weren’t for the contribution of women like Molly. And it is doubtful that we would have a church either. Would you do more than tip your hat in agreement? Would you do something to show the lady in your life, how much you appreciate her ability to strap on her boots and do the dirty jobs that have to be done? (Oh, and just for the record, my mother did wear combat boots. She served in the US Army.)

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