Prayers for Uvalde

Prayers for Uvalde

The tragic events in Uvalde, TX have us reeling again: another mass shooting, a whole community suffering. We grieve with and pray for the families who have suffered traumatic loss. We all feel a certain amount of helplessness. What can be done to stop this?

Certainly there will be renewed debate about gun control. There will no doubt be review of the perpetrator’s mental health and probably his family background and drug use, if any. Effort will be made to pin blame somewhere. But there’s a good chance, the research will deal with symptoms rather than the systemic problem our country faces.

We are bringing up generations of young people with little or no regard for human life. And why is that? Respect for life is a cornerstone of civilized society and it is moored in morality.

For decades those demanding separation of church and state have driven God from our schools. And with God goes morality. If there is no divine accountability, there is no need for morality. Morality is nothing more than a recommended option rather than a necessity for existence. In this way, our schools are failing our kids. There are many good people trying to make a difference in the school system and we are grateful for every one of them. But systemically, our schools have failed our kids and many of our homes have done no better.

There is hope but only if we reintroduce morality alongside mathematics and we let our children hear that there is human accountability to a divine being. Change can come but only if we reintroduce God.

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