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Foundations with Ken Ham

Foundations with Ken Ham

Starting June 11:

This 12-week dvd course features Ken Ham, the world’s foremost advocate for Creation. Discover how to defend your faith with confidence from the very first verse in Genesis.

Topics include

  • “The Relevance of Genesis,”
  • “In Six Days,”
  • “One Blood, One Race,”
  • “Death the Enemy.”

Discussion time will follow each session. Sessions are free and open to the public.

Sundays at 6pm from June 11 – September 3 in the Coyote Trail Cafeteria.

View excerpts of the sessions here.

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Martial Arts Club

Martial Arts Club

 Saturdays 8:30-10:30am

*Drop-in Sessions are only $5 per class

*Meets at the Coyote Trail Elementary School Cafe (Get Directions)

*Each session will include a brief Bible/character lesson

*Enrollment at the Door (Print Registration Form now)

Introduction: Allow me to introduce myself and the program.

My name is Salvador Magallanes (Sifu Magallanes). I am a Kung Fu practitioner and a 4th grade teacher for the Marana School District. I have been practicing martial arts for over 20 years. I am a certified black belt in Chaun Shu (Art of the fist). Chaun Shu consists of Kenpo, Tai Chi, Northern Silum, and San Soo.


This program is offered to children ages 6 and up on a drop-in basis at $5 per session.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch (no additional fee) or to join in on the fun if they wish to do so. This program will challenge your child physically and mentally. Your child will learn the art of self-defense, sparring, weapons, and katas (forms). All of these disciplines will be taught under the umbrella of responsibility, respect, and safety. In our effort to develop the whole child, a weekly lesson on character and discipline drawing upon the wisdom of the Bible will be taught. All students are expected to arrive on time and to be picked up on time unless special arrangements have been made with the instructor. (Additional fees will apply.)

Belt Promotion:

There are no GIs required to join the program. However, if your child wants to move up in belt order, a GI is required. GIs will be available for purchase, as will any other items related to a belt promotion (i.e. belts and/or certificates). If your child already has a GI, then he/she will not need to purchase a new one. If your child has any equipment from a previous dojo he/she may use it. If your child is attending another dojo, he/she is still welcome to join this one.

Thank you and feel free to contact me, if you have further questions.

Sal Magallanes                           

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Be Refreshed!

Be Refreshed!

Life can be a desert, so we need to be refreshed!

There is no better place to find real refreshment than at church. Here we meet Jesus, who is still the best answer to our questions and the only solution to our problems. It is amazing how a book written nearly two millennia again speaks so clearly to our needs today. We invite you to take a load off your feet and off your mind with us this Sunday.

Do look our website over, but there’s no substitute for seeing us in person. We are more than words and pictures. We are real people seeking to make a big deal about Jesus Christ. I hope you will do us the kindness of dropping by this Sunday. I understand that you have many choices in NW Tucson/Marana when it comes to worship, but I think you will find our church refreshing. We’re not about hype but about offering real hope in Jesus.

It would be easier to stay home this Sunday, but everyone who now attends is glad they didn’t.

Give us a visit this weekend. I’ll be looking for you!

Pastor Mike
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Home Study Groups

Home Study Groups

Some of the sweetest times of fellowship and spiritual growth happen in our small groups. There’s a group for both ladies and men. Presently, meetings alternate  every other Weds. at 7pm. Men meet the 1st and 3rd Weds. of each month and ladies meet the 2nd and 4th Weds. (These are home-based studies.)

Our Fall sessions are getting underway soon. Books are available for each group for personal study.

Ladies are studying “Becoming a Woman of Strength” by Cynthia Heald.

becoming a woman of strength










Beginning, August 30,

Men will be studying “Hope: Your Heart’s Deepest Longings” by Jack Kuhatschek.


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Good News!

Good News!

There’s plenty of bad news. Wouldn’t you like to hear some good news for a change? The Bible was written to share God’s good news with man. Here’s what it says.

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