Building Plans

Site Overview







Preliminary Floor Plan




Building Features

  • 7,155 square feet.

  • Sanctuary seats 150 but can expand to 200 with minor remodeling.

  • Narthex (lobby) doubles as a fellowship hall.

  • Kitchenette off the narthex.

  • Large restrooms next to the narthex.

  • Welcome center on the narthex.

  • 2 nurseries and 4 large classrooms.

  • 2 offices: pastor and church.

  • Cathedral ceiling in sanctuary.

  • Cross shape design in “windows.”

  • Bonus storage in attic, not pictured.

Building Funding

We will begin on a cash basis, contracting services as money comes in: $45,000 for architect, another $125,000 for permits and site development. Then when we accumulate $350,000 more, we can secure financing and begin construction. The net result should be a monthly note of $2,500-$3,000 at completion.


Numbers like these can seem impossible, but our God does the impossible (Matt. 19:26). God helped Solomon build the temple and God will help us! God knows we need a church home. Since we labor for His name, we can expect God to come to our aid (Ps. 127:1). So this house will go up and His glory will come down to fill it!


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“Sizing Up the Plan” Pastor’s Message on the Building Plan